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We buy, sell, and trade men's and women's clothes and shoes. We also carry an assortment of new clothes, accessories, and gifts.

Lunar Looks: Gemini

DeeLux team member Lizette gives us astrological insight into our closets and beyond. First Quarter Moon in Gemini (February 22 – March 4, 2015) Hello mystic mammas and gents! It’s been a while, but here we are again observing the moon and how it affects our moods and wardrobe. The first quarter moon just entered Gemini. […]

16 DIY Beauty Treatments found in your Kitchen

Did you know that soaking your hair in beer can boost its volume and shine? If you’ve never attempted a beer rinse (except for that one party…but let’s not talk about that) we’re here to walk you through it! We asked the DeeLux team for their top DIY beauty treatments and tips, and it turns […]

We’re buying for spring!

Cleaning out your closet? We’re now buying for spring! Check out our guides on Pinterest to find out what style we’re looking for this season: Follow Dee Lux’s board Men’s Spring Guide on Pinterest.Men’s: Lightweight sweatshirts and jackets, flannels, button-down shirts, denim jacekts, skinny cut jeans and chinos, tanks, tees with stripes or vintage prints, […]

We are a buy, sell, and trade store for men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, and selected vintage items. Just bring in your items, as we are open 7 days a week, and no appointment needed! We can help you turn your items into instant cash by eliminating the hassles of organizing garage sales, advertising on craigslist and classifieds, and hosting online auctions. With DeeLux, there’s no delay and there’s no advertising cost. Just visit our store with your items and let’s talk business! On the other hand, if you’re planning to buy or trade your items for branded clothes, shoes, handbags, and selected vintage items, then visiting DeeLux is also your best option!
Used clothing, shoes, handbags, and vintage items don’t mean they’re unusable and defective. It’s merely a transfer of ownership. With DeeLux, you can find branded, rare, and relatively new items that other people may not need anymore! You can also trade your used items in exchange for other people’s goods when you visit our shop!
Forget about garage sales and auctions. Just visit our store and check in with our DeeLux staff member, then feel free to look at our items while we check your clothes. After checking, we’ll price each item that we choose to buy, and offer you 35% of the original price in cash on the spot or 50% in-store credit. So rather than disposing of the clothes you think of as junk, visit our shop, bring your items, and we’ll come up with a good offer! Instead of paying regular retail prices, you can get great bargains when you visit DeeLux! You’ll also find unique and fashionable clothing every day, at lower prices.