Here are some helpful tips to help make your selling experience a great one!

We want  to provide as much information to be as helpful and transparent as we possibly can.


Allow yourself some time to wait.

Since we buy on a first come first serve basis we are sorry to say we cannot look through your items until it is your turn. If the estimated wait time is longer than expected you are more than welcome to leave the store and get some errands done in the meantime you wait for our text saying we finished. Be advised your items are your responsibility and we expect you to return to claim your left over items the SAME DAY. If you cannot come back the same day we ask for you to sell another day. This will prevent any miscommunication among the buyers. Items left by the end of the night will be donated. So if you want to keep the items we do not select or want to see the items we do select please make time to come back before we close.