Local Artist Feature: Olivia at Up to Your Ears

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We're so excited to launch the DeeLux local market! This is a new section on our site where you can shop local and handmade goods while supporting the artist behind them.
Our first creator feature is Olivia from Up to Your Ears. She has launched several collections of beautifully handcrafted clay jewelry. Her playful mix of colors and shapes caught our eyes.
We first got to know Olivia years back when she worked in our Costa Mesa store. She was always such an artist in everything she touched; it's no surprise that she created these pieces with such amazing detail. What is surprising is that Olivia never intended to be a jewelry designer. 
We asked Olivia what inspired her to start Up to Your Ears.
She replied:
"Most of the time, you'll hear inspiring stories about how someone starts their small business: it might’ve been a longtime dream of theirs; they feel that their specific skillset can be of help to the world; they have an idea that they wholeheartedly believe in.. so on, so forth.
But I don’t really have one of those. To be dead honest with you, I'm not a jewelry maker either. I'm just someone who happened to find herself in the good graces of this art form during a difficult period of her life. I guess I created out of need  a need to channel my grief. And I never in a million years thought that this channeling would’ve been done through earrings. Prior to all of this, I never even wore earrings, so it’s just crazy to me. But if anything, life has taught me that you have to be open to everything.. even if it comes in the form of clay earrings. These earrings are an extension of me because thats what art is, and I hope that when you see them, youre able to see me: an adult who channeled her inner child through colors and shapes while still displaying her own growth as she transmuted her grief into love and gratitude for those in her life.
Thanks for sharing your inner child with us Olivia! You can shop her earrings in the local section of our site and find her on Instagram at @uptoyourears.

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