Explore our top hiking trails in Claremont and Orange!

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With L.A. County's new Covid restrictions in place we encourage staying safe and staying home. However, getting exercise and some vitamin D has been shown to improve your health and immunity!

So stay safe, wear a mask, and get some fresh air when you can.

Whether you're in Claremont, CA or Orange, CA we here are some top hiking trails to check out:


Claremont Hills Loops - 4.7 mile walking loop with a nice view at the top. (Parking is $5 weekdays and $7 on weekends. Get there early to find a spot!) 

Sycamore Stairs - 4.4 mile loop great for hiking. It has a pretty steep climb with stairs.

Potato Mountain Wilderness Trail - a laid back 5 mile trail with a gradual incline and beautiful views at the top.


Peters Canyon Loop Trail - a moderate 5.6 mi loop that features a lake. Great for walking, running, and biking. Bring your pup!

Santiago Creek Trail and Bobcat Meadow Trail - easy 1.3 mile loop with a river. Great for all skill levels!

Orange Hills Trail - peaceful 2.3 mile loop near Orange, CA

Anaheim Coves Trail - easy 3 mile trail near Anaheim, CA. Perfect for a morning or afternoon walk!


While you're out be sure to stay hydrated! Our water bottle holders are perfect for hikes and walks!

Fanny packs are perfect for when you're on the go!

Stash your keys, wallet, and hand sanitizer in a side body satchel.

If you're bringing snacks or lunch pack it all in a backpack.


Stay safe out there!

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