Self Care Days

Finals, Thanksgiving, and election day blues making you want to hit snooze on your responsibilities? A day in could do you some good…

We know you’ve enjoyed our selection of used clothing—but did you know that Deelux also has a wide variety of new products? Check out some of our new favorites that promote self-care, regeneration, and wellbeing.


By Emily Watterson & Karina Black


Featured products available at Deelux Claremont location in order of appearance: Occulture Shop Black Pearl Detox Bar, Lovewild Organic Facial Steam, Woodland Honey Almond Bubble Bath, Lovewild Lavender Bath Salts, Pink Jasmine Bubble Bath, Lovewild Organic Bath Tea, Face Masks, Salted Grapefruit Candle, Daily Face Book, Taupe Aztec Poncho, Peach Shorts, Style Me Vintage Home Book, Webster’s Pictorial Dictionary, Arabica Coffee Candle, Matches, ‘Bitch’ Teacup, Blooming Tea, Grey Fleece Sweater, Incense, Incense Holder, Sheer Beaded Top, Cream Shoulderless Tunic, Fuzzy Animal Slippers.


Nothing clears your mind like a blank slate—using a few of our cosmetic products, you can detox, steam, scrub, exfoliate, and moisturize.


Clean, Cozy & Comfortable

Climb into bed with a good book, aromatic candles, hot blooming tea, and your favorite socks.



Pull out your records, light some incense and jam!


Make it a friend date!

Feeling bored? Just add friends!






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