3 Ways to Fringe Your Jeans for Fall


Cuffed jeans aren’t cutting it for you this fall? Snip snip—let’s fringe.

We selected four promising pairs from our Claremont store and set out to fringe them in 3 popular styles.


  1. Denim
  2. Tool for measurement (we used our fingers!)
  3. Chalk (any color, it will rub right off
  4. Scissors (preferably a sharp blade


Clean-Cut Fringe

The simplest way to spice up your jeans, the clean-cut fringe, can take 10-30 minutes depending on your style.


Step 1: Use the length of your index finger or a ruler to measure the desired length of your hem. Mark a straight line across with a piece of chalk. Cut across the line.

Step 2: With the blade of your scissors, quickly slide up and down the cut and within a few minutes you will start to see the white threads peak out. Keep sliding the blade up and down until you find the right length and amount of fringe.

Step 3: Throw your jeans in the dryer for a longer, distressed fringe.

Tip! For the best grip on the hem, lay the jeans on a flat surface and use it as a stable force to push against. Remember- there’s no wrong way to fringe!



Asymmetrical Fringe

Take it up a notch with the asymmetrical fringe for a unique, edgy cut that shows off your shoes.


Step 1: Refer to step one above to cut hem to desired length!

Step 2: Depending on how big you want your cut out to be, draw a chalk line outlining the desired shape. In this case, we drew our line half an inch away from the seam, and about an inch above the hem. This allowed us to create a long rectangle cut out.

Step 3: Cut along the line of your chalk marking.

Step 4: Run the blade along the entire cut out, including the sides. Again, the longer you spend with the scissors in hand, the more fringe will fall.


Unthreaded Fringe

The unthreaded fringe is not for the weak of heart- be prepared to spend at least an hour pulling at the threads of your hem.

img_1472 img_1473 img_1474



Step 1: With your chalk, mark a line defining how long you want your fringe to hang.

Step 2: Cut upward at the seam until you hit the chalk line. Repeat on the other side. Then, cut out the seam entirely. Repeat on the other side. Tip! Make sure you cut as straight as you can.

Step 3: Start pulling at the white strings at the bottom of the hem. Pull these strings out completely. Tip! If the white string becomes tangled within the blue threads, try lightly tugging at the white string until it untangles to avoid breaking the string. Do this until there is about a quarter inch of unwoven blue string hanging from your hem.

Step 4: In the space where your seams used to be, begin pulling the blue strings upward. Don’t take these strings out! You want them loose from the white thread. Eventually, these blue strings will hang down covering the space where the seam used to be. Once you have about a quarter inch of white fringe hanging, start pulling the white fringes one by one in order. You will begin to see the process becoming simpler. Keep pulling the white threads until you reach the desired length of unthreaded fringe.

Step 5: Repeat process to the back of the jeans.


Tip! Although this process takes a while, it’s well worth the wait. Claremont staff member Amy recommends binge watching your favorite shows while pulling threads!

Washing tip! Twist your long fringe into groups before washing them to ensure that they don’t become tangled and knotted.



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By: Karina Black, Emily Watterson



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