Used Shoes

DeeLux is your best choice when you want to buy, trade, or sell used shoes in Claremont. Our store is the home of trendy and fashionable pre-loved items. You can sell, trade, or buy used shoes, clothes, and bags at affordable prices. We offer a fair assessment for all our customers, so show us what you’ve got on your shoe rack and we’ll give you an offer that matches your former favorite’s style and condition.

Give Your Shoes a Chance
Don’t let those old pairs of yours sit in your home for a long time. Turn them into cash, or better yet, trade them for another pair. This way, you can either earn from us, or get another pair without shelling out any money. We accept almost all kinds of shoes, but they’re still subject to assessment before we come up with an offer. We regularly update our inventory, so visit our shop frequently or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest trends and inventory updates.

Buy, Sell, and Trade – All in One Place
Used shoes should not be treated as junk. Instead, give those kicks a chance with a new owner. With DeeLux, you can sell your old pair and buy used shoes that previously belonged to another owner. So rather than paying a regular retail price for a brand new shoe, you can get great deals for relatively new items when you visit DeeLux!

Always Ready to Serve You
We are open 7 days a week, but the operating hours vary. And that means this is a new opportunity for you and for us! Our staff is always ready to welcome you and serve your needs. They’ll be glad to help you, whether you’re buying, trading, or selling your slightly used shoes. You don’t have to wait for long, as we conduct a quick assessment and quote.

Visit our Claremont and Costa Mesa shop now and trade your gently used shoes today.