Used Clothing

We all wear clothes. We all have handbags. And we all wear shoes. We spend money on them and we all discard them if they no longer satisfy our fashion demands. When you have an item that is just too fresh for donation but no other people will buy it, we can transform it into cash or trade it for something new. It’s easy. Just visit our shop, bring your items, shop while you wait for our assessment, and receive cash and store credits on the spot.

DeeLux is your prime marketplace for selling, trading, and buying used clothing in Claremont. We’ve created this business to continue and preserve the life of a piece of clothing beyond its first owner.

Why We Stand Out From Others
DeeLux is unique and reliable because all of our clothing items are bought, sold, and traded locally with our store customers. Just bring in your former favorites and we will assess your clothing items while you wait and shop. After the assessment, we can offer you three options: take 35% of the original price in cash, get 50% of the price in store credit, or take them both. Many of our customers choose to spend some store credit, and take the remaining balance in cash. They’re clearly getting the best of both worlds!

Why Choose Us
DeeLux provides a thriving marketplace for people who want to buy, sell, and trade clothes in great condition. With different brands to choose from and selling features that outweigh other places that sell used clothing, DeeLux is your best used clothing store in Claremont!

DeeLux is open 7 days a week and we require no initial appointment. Visit our Claremont or Costa Mesa shop now or subscribe to our email newsletter to get more updates!