Thrift Store

DeeLux clothing items are from the community and for the community. Our thrift stores are located in the heart of Claremont and Costa Mesa, minimizing congestion and urban sprawls.
We specialize in low priced and quality items including clothes, handbags, shoes, and selected vintage items.

From Us, For Us
With a team that shares the same passion, DeeLux has quickly become one of the top thrift clothing stores in Claremont. Walk through our shop and lose yourself for hours. We always update our inventory, and we always have something special for you, especially for young and young at hearts.

First Timers are Welcome
Selling for the first time? We can guide you throughout the process so you can get the idea of how selling or trading of items works. Just bring in your clothing items anytime and allow our staff members to assist you. If you’re under 18, bring a guardian with you to make everything legal.

What We Sell
What we buy and sell are based on the current season, condition, and style levels. We buy selectively and choose the best items from every seller. Sellers can save everybody’s time by pre-sorting their clothes before visiting our shop. We don’t sell and buy any intimates, sportswear, loungewear, and clothing with stains, holes, and other damages.

Keeping You Updated
To know more about our releases, we recommend subscribing to our email newsletter. You can get the latest DeeLux updates on wanted items at our stores via email.
Our store is open 7 days a week and we accept clothes until an hour before closing. Please subscribe to our newsletter or stop by for the best bargains!